June 2021 : Kitchen Debates at the European Architectural History Network Conference, Edinburgh School of Art 

As part of my research on the current exhibition on Women in Design, I fortified my interest into domesticity and in particular, the history of kitchen design inspired by the work of scholars like Dolores Hayden. I spoke about the questions that came up as part of this research.


April 2021 : How to need less
New semester started. I am so excited to teach the additional Seminar How to need less. Students are experimenting with different research methodologies in design, all under the one umbrella question of How to need less. 



February 2021 : Conference paper and presentation
Curating for the Common Good / Swiss Design Network 

My reflections on and vistions for curatorial practice will be presented at 4pm on 25 March. The paper is titled “Curating for the Common Good. An Activist Curatorial Framework to Foster Innovation in Design.” Really looking forward to be part of a very international panel. Here are more details.


October 2020 : appointed Guest Professor
State University for the Arts (HfG) Karlsruhe

In the academic year 2020/21, I joined the Karlsuhe University of the Arts as a Guest Professor in the Orientation Year. Together with Vera Sacchetti, I am teaching the seminar  “Beyond the Canon”, which looks at alternative ways of exhibiting (and thus recording) design history. It is a collaboration with the Vitra Design Museum. In the Spring Semester 2021, I will additionally teach seminars focusing on Investigative Designpractices.


September 2020 : Next exhibition project official!
I am working on Women in Design:
The Bigger Picture (opening Sept 2021)

The current exhibition project I am at the Vitra Design Museum examines the work of female designers over the course of the past century. Conceived as an ongoing research project, it not only presents objects created by women designers, but also explores their practice, collaborations and networks. In the exhibition, we investiate gender-related questions such as the underrepresentation of women in some areas of design, or the role of collaboration in female design practices. In addressing structural peculiarities specific to the field of design, the exhibition aims to deliver im-pulses for further research and discussion, while encouraging the audience to view the history and practice of design from a dif-ferent perspective.